Guide Church takes an active role in missions by training future missionaries, supporting current missionaries, and fostering an awareness of missions throughout the church body. We take seriously the role of the local church in God's plan for worldwide evangelism. It is our desire "to make Jesus known across the street and around the world".



Each year we go on a missions trip in order to assist missionaries and let our people see first hand God working in other cultures. This year we are going to Ghana West Africa where we will be working with the missionaries to build a new building and work to develop the ministry there.

Our Missionaries On The Field

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Bjorgen, John & Melissa- Mexico
Corona, Marc & Sarah- Manna Worldwide
Johnson, Ryan & Sarah—London
Lusa, David & Malea- Slovenia

Lyons, Luke– Philippines
Pethtel, Scott & Dominique- Italy
Perry, Jonathan- Australia
Pine, Kevin & Sarah- Great Britain
Metzger, Ben- Argentina
Moeller, Matt & Ericka– Scotland
Richards, Ian & Amanda- Australia
Salmon, Shane & Kayti- Thailand
Walker, Ben & Raelene- New Zealand
Wright, Dwayne & Tammy- Ethiopia
Wright, Brian & Becky- England

Keim, Joe & Esther
Stowe Mission Columbus