Each year we go on a missions trip in order to assist missionaries and let our people see first hand God working in other cultures. This year we are going to Israel where we will be working with the missionaries to outreach to the area and work to develop the ministry there.
We support these missionaries monthly through “Missions” giving. If you would like to help support any or all of these families you can give here.
Our current missionaries are listed below.
  • Bjorgen, John & Melissa- Mexico
  • Corona, Marc & Sarah- Manna Worldwide
  • Johnson, Ryan & Sarah—London
  • Lusa, David & Malea- Slovenia
  • Lyons, Luke– Philippines
  • Pethel, Scott & Dominique- Italy
  • Perry, Jonathan- Australia
  • Pine, Kevin & Sarah- Great Britain
  • Metzger, Ben- Argentina
  • Moeller, Matt & Ericka– Scotland
  • Orricks-Wales
  • Reeves-London
  • Richards, Ian & Amanda- Australia
  • Salibas-Columbia
  • Salmon, Shane & Kayti- Thailand
  • Taylors-Honduras
  • Walker, Ben & Raelene- New Zealand
  • Wright, Dwayne & Tammy- Ethiopia
  • Wright, Brian & Becky- England
  • Stateside: Keim, Joe & Esther
  • Stowe Mission Columbus