Reboot Series gGroups Leader Material

Things to remember to do EACH week leaders:

  1. Contact all of your people to remind them about group that week. MAKE SURE YOU GET A RESPONSE. If not text/email call them.
  2. Send them the link to the sermon video in case they missed the service.
  3. Take attendance and in the attendance form add prayer requests and a short review of what happened in group.
september 19 Week

Reboot :
Week #1

Are you in need of a reboot?

september 26 Week

Reboot :
Week #2

Do you know the REAL problem?

October 3 Week

Reboot :
Week #3

Sin is not my master!

October 10 Week

Reboot :
Week #4

Declare, Decide, Devote

October 17 Week

Reboot :
Week #5

Walk in the Spirit

October 24 Week

Reboot :
Week #6

Wake Up

Clean Up

 Dress Up

October 31 Week

Reboot :
Week #7

Value over desire!