This guide is to give you an additional resource as we continue through this sermon series – GENESIS. 

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Each day follows a pattern that should grow our prayer lives with a short scripture reading, followed by a directed prayer time for each day, with four separate nudges: Praise, Repentance, Asks (requests), and Yielding prayer.

Thank you for praying with us.

-Pastor Chad

 Feb. 14: Genesis 1–God’s Perfect & Praiseworthy Design

God is the creator. He has made us in his image. God has organized the universe to reveal his glory and to provide us a place to flourish and thrive. As you pray:

  • Praise God for the work of creation and for his intentional design of every human life. 
  • Repent from every misguided attempt to define yourself apart from your created nature and for every failure to reflect the glory of God as a living bearer of his image.
  • Ask for a biblical understanding of the sanctity of life and the dignity of humanity. Ask God to align your life with his perfect design as to live worthy of your created purpose.
  • Yield all your ways in obedience to the commands to live fruitful lives, to responsibly manage what God entrusted to your care, and to follow his rhythm of restorative rest. 


Feb. 17: Genesis 2–Marriage, Family, & Godly Community

God designed us for partnership, to thrive and flourish in relationship with Him and with each other. Marriage is a sacred gift. Singles are also built for gospel partnership and are vital to the church family. We celebrate Christian family–in home and church. As you pray:

  • Praise God, who is father to us and welcomes us into his family. Praise him for all the people he has put in your life, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands, and wives. 
  • Repent from mistrust, doubt, anxiety, worry, and from shame-filled coverups. Pray that we would rejoice in the intricate artistry of our creation and therefore be not ashamed.
  • Ask for God’s approval to define our existence. In a generation plagued by identity confusion, ask that we would celebrate the gender God has given us, male or female.  
  • Yield to the Lord. Pray that we are good stewards of his kingdom and that we honor him in all our relationships. That we are team players, good friends, and good spouses. 

 Feb. 21: Genesis 3–Turning from Sin; Turning to God

God is Holy. The world is broken. Sin (defined as disobedience against God’s design) always results in brokenness and eventually in death. We need salvation. As you pray: 

  • Praise God that he fully knows us and still fully loves us. Thank him for his mercy that matches his justice and righteousness. Praise him for his faithfulness to his creation, for his steadfast loyalty to sinners, and the hope we have in his power to redeem.
  • Repent from giving into temptation and for willful disobeying the commands of God. Seek forgiveness from self-indulgence and for every wayward attempt to self-satisfy. 
  • Ask that we would be satisfied in our relationship with God, in his provisions, and in his blessings. Pray that we depend on him alone and trust that his ways are best for us.
  • Yield to the commands of the Lord and follow his ways, learn to want what he wants and allow God to lead us and deliver us from evil.


 Feb. 24: Genesis 4–Lead Us Not into Temptation

This fallen world is filled with spiritual dangers, toils and snares. God warns Cain that sin is crouching at the door as an adversary that wants to harm each of us. So as you pray,

  • Praise God. He warns us of the dangers of sin and provides a way out. Praise him for his faithfulness to protect and restore us, even in our worst self-made consequences.  
  • Repent of your disobedience against God. Ask God to convict your heart of any wicked intention or sinful practice, confess these sins to God as you seek forgiveness.  
  • Ask that we might receive directional wisdom; that we understand his ways, know his commandments, and live by them. Pray that we honor God by trusting and obeying Him.
  • Yield our entitlements, competitive rivalries, and need for recognition. Pray that we find security in God’s love and fondness toward us. May our sense of worth rest only in Him.


Feb. 28: Genesis 5– A Closer Walk with God

Life is short. Generations come and go. But we have eternal hope in the power of God. As Enoch has a close personal relationship with God, we seek to walk with the Lord. In fact, the end of Enoch’s life is not recorded in terms of death, but as a step closer in his walk with God.

  • Praise God for being close in our personal life journey. Thank him for our eternal hope. 
  • Repent of any refusal to walk in his ways, for ignoring the offer for quality time with him, for aimlessly moving through life, for living isolated lives without purpose. 
  • Ask for Jesus’ abiding and personal presence in your life, that God would come close to you. That you would grow to know him well, love him deeply, and walk in step with God. 
  • Yield to the path that God has designated for you. Follow in his footsteps as he leads you through the mountains and valleys of life. Wherever God leads, commit to follow.


 Mar. 3: Genesis 6–Pray for Favor in a Corrupt Generation

Many are drawn into the corrupt patterns of their own generation. Noah set himself apart from the widespread wickedness of his culture and found favor with God. As you pray for God’s favor:

  • Praise the Holy and Just God, who repays evil, who brings judgment on the wicked, and defends the victims of evil, but in his mercy continuously seeks someone to save. 
  • Repent of any evil intention of the heart that leads us away from the paths of righteousness. Repent from moral compromise and conformity to a wicked world. 
  • Ask for the Lord to be patented and forgiving with us. Ask for his favor to rest on us as it did Noah and ask for a vehicle to deliver us from the evils of our culture and generation. 
  • Yield to God’s commands. Trust and obey his instructions, just as Noah obeyed the commands of the Lord, not just in the time of crisis, but even before the storm arrives.

 Mar. 7: Genesis 7–The Severe Power of God’s Purity.

God’s positive power of purity rushes out in great severity. While God’s provisions for rescue are as intentional as his deliverance of justice, his ultimate demand for purification in no small thing. Still, God chooses to refine and restore his creation rather than destroy it. So as you pray, 

  • Praise the Blessed Redeemer. Worship the Creator, who ultimately wants a return to purity and righteousness over any desire to punish with vengeance and retribution. 
  • Repent of impure ways or sinful intent. Ask the Lord to wash you as he did the face of the earth and cleanse you of any unrighteousness, to purify you and make you new.
  • Ask that we align ourselves with God’s creative design and for the power of the Holy Spirit for godly daily living. Ask for wisdom and direction in daily devotion to Him. 
  • Yield to the discipline of the Lord, for he disciplines those he loves. Pray that we wilfully bend our lives to God’s will, so that we would never be crushed by God’s wrath.  

 Mar. 10: Genesis 8–God Remembers His People

God remembers his own. The bible says God remembered Noah, the wild animals and all livestock he had preserved in the ark. God always remembers to be merciful. As you pray, 

  • Praise God for his favor and blessing on his people and over his creation. Thank him for his awesome memory, especially for remembering you, your situation, and your needs. 
  • Repent of impatient attitudes, for doubting God’s deliverance, for feeling neglected.
  • Ask that God’s covenant of mercy be extended to you–that he would lead you through winter and summer, springtime and harvest, and his blessing ever remain on you. 
  • Yield yourself to God’s plan for work and worship. As Noah built both the ark for God’s redemptive plans and an altar to worship God. Commit to a pattern of work and worship.


 Mar. 14: Genesis 9–God Invites Restoration

God returns Noah and his sons to a purified earth. The same sorts of blessings, promises, and commands are repeated, as we recall from the Garden of Eden. God leads his special people on the path to redemption, even when they prove to be failures of his good graces. As you pray, 

  • Praise God for his loyalty, faithfulness, and mercy for his special people and creation.

  • Repent of sinful irresponsibility to God’s covenant. Confess or ask God for the strength to avoid the sin of Noah, who repaid God’s special favor with naked drunkenness. 

  • Ask that to learn godly respect for parents and those God has placed in authority over your life. Ask him to teach you to show respect and be honorable even when your parents or leaders disappoint you. Seek to cover the shame of others, not delight in it. 

  • Yield your life to the instructions of God, obey his commands, and commit to total dependence on God to fulfill and satisfy your thirst for rest, refreshment, and joy.


 Mar. 17: Genesis 10–From Noah to the Nations

From Noah and his sons many nations were multiplied and populated the earth. As you pray, 

  • Praise God for restoring humanity to repopulate the earth and thrive. Thank God for believing in humanity even after great failure and in full knowledge of all failures to come. 

  • Repent of expanding our territory and own legacy without making a gospel impact.

  • Ask God to advance his kingdom and to allow spiritual multiplication among the nations. Just as the descendants of Noah spread over the earth, ask that the gospel spread to and among the nations, until every people, nation, and language would worship him. 

  • Yield yourself to God’s plan of multiplication–and not just physical, but more so spiritual reproduction. Pray for generations of sinners being born again and worshiping God.


Mar. 21: Genesis 11–Building and Babbling

This shows something quite different from God’s goal to be fruitful and multiply. Instead of spreading outward over the face of the earth, these people are pulling inward and moving up towards the heavens. We should see this as an illustration in the wayward movement of sinners in the opposite direction God had dreamed for them to thrive in life. As you pray, 

  • Praise God for divine interventions, even discipline, when we lose our way. 

  • Repent of building our own kingdoms and positions rather than going forward with God.

  • Ask God to send us out of our comfort zone. Ask that he would keep us from climbing our socio-economic ladders or promoting our own prestige, but instead send us forth on his mission, for his glory and our own good–that he would make clear our calling.  

  • Yield yourself to God’s plan of multiplication–and not just physical, but more so spiritual reproduction. Pray for generations of sinners being born again and worshiping God.


 Mar. 24: Genesis 12–Called out, Separated, and Sent


Abram is called out for God’s special purpose. This includes a command for him to obey, which requires Abram to trust in God. It also includes blessings and promises for Abram and his descendants. And pointing to his plan of redemption in Jesus, God expresses that ultimately Abram’s family will be to all the nations of the earth.

  • Praise God for his plan to redeem, bless his people, and make us a blessing to others. Thank him for all the promises that he keeps, even when we don’t deserve them.

  • Repent of putting others at risk to protect ourselves or hiding the truth for personal gain.

  • Ask God to send us out of our comfort zone and to send us out on his mission to bless the nations. Ask that he would make clear our calling, as he did with Abram and Sarai.  

  • Yield yourself to God’s calling. Give him the “yes” of your obedience, even before he commands you to go. Invite him to use you for his glory and his kingdom.

Mar. 28: Genesis 13–Stewarding Prosperity

Abram and Lot become wealthy and outgrew the place they inhabited. As a result their herdsmen were in conflict over pasturelands that they once shared. Eventually they separated from each other and Lot had his eye on all that society had to offer in Sodom. So, as you pray, 

  • Praise God for how he cares for you. Count your blessings and thank God his grace, mercy, love and special favor he has for you. Thank him for all his many gifts.

  • Repent of any greed, jealousy, or desire for the glamor of secular prestige. Ask that God might temper our thirst for wealth and we would enjoy the blessings we already have.

  • Ask that we align ourselves with God’s commands, promises, and blessings. Pray that we would have joy and deep satisfaction in the blessings God has given us.

  • Yield to the Lord and live according to his standards of peace and contentment. Don’t allow success and fortune to come between you and the family of God.


Mar. 31: Genesis 14–Seeing God’s Hand Behind Our Success

When the enemy strikes and takes his kinsmen captive, including Lot, Abram takes on the role of a warrior-king. He defeats the enemy, but refuses to take the spoils of war. Instead, he gives a one-tenth offering to the Lord, who brought Abram both blessing and victory. So, as you pray, 

  • Praise the All-powerful God. Victory belongs to the Lord. Thank him for how he works through our every effort and uses our strong conviction to produce kingdom results.  

  • Repent of holding back the tithe that honors God. Repent of inactivity when we are faced with injustices. Repent of turning a blind eye to the troubles of others. 

  • Ask that God would bring justice to the oppressed. Pray for the Christians who are persecuted in dangerous places. Pray for those who are trafficked, enslaved, or abused.

  • Yield to the Lord’s calling. Ask that we are not silent when God calls us to speak. Ask that we would not remain still, when God calls us to engage in his rescue plan. 






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