We are excited for the start of our Fall gGroups! PLEASE do not try to do the Christian life alone, connect to others and GROW. This is why we make such a BIG DEAL about gGroups.

Churches are filled with people that just show up and keep other Christians at arms distance away. DON’T LIVE THAT WAY. This is what makes Guide Church different, we are a FAMILY. Families like to be together and grow together.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE- there are still spots left in some groups. FIND A GROUP NOW.
This is your opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ alongside other Christians. Be sure to take a look at the details to find out day, time, location, and how many spots are available. We have groups meeting almost everyday with or without childcare and close to where you live!

Most of our groups are going with our Fall series, “Unshakeable Faith”. 

Are you ready to grow? Then let’s do this!


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