Guide Church Mom's ROCK!

Thank you for all the submissions we received for this year’s ‘Moms Who Rock’ contest. 

There are an overwhelming amount of wonderful women here at Guide Church. 

Below is the complete list of responses we received for 2023. Enjoy!

Malinda has been such a wonderful help in caring for our family over the past year. She has sacrificially supported me and Keira through some of the hardest times in our lives. Between caring for Keira when I could not, to supporting me through my recent mental health crisis, I do not know how I would have made it through without her. She does everything she can to make life better at home, and is constantly improving herself for our family and her walk with God. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives! – Malinda Coffin

Our mom is hardworking. She works everyday providing for us. She is opening her own business and is gone for long hours. She teaches us about god daily. She is patient, caring, funny. She is a good cook and loves all four of us kids so much. – Chelsea Dickenson

My mom does everything for me. She works a full time job and comes home and makes sure dinner is ready. She makes sure that I have clean clothes for school the next day and she helps me with my homework even when she tired or sick. She pushes through it no matter what. My great grandma has dementia and she makes time for all of us to spend time together too and we do fun things. 

She has helped me in so many ways and is always there for me even sometimes when I don’t want her help. She brought me to church and is helping me be a better person and showing me how to walk and grow with God. She is my everything, sometimes I don’t say thank you enough for running around and making my life and everyone else’s life easier. When there was no way to do things, you found a way. You always find a way and you give so much to me and your family. We Love you – Sara Feldner

As if being a mom isn’t hard enough, she has to put up with me…..enough said right? For those of you who know Nikki Goodman she has her hands full with three children, a husband with three personalities, and five pets. 


That being said, Nikki is a woman who is always giving herself selflessly to her family as well as to those around her. If it wasn’t for her strength and her faith, our family would not be where it is today. Although she does throw the occasional tantrum….and proceeds to toss everything off the kitchen table like a crazy person ….. and put the fear of all that is holy into us….She sacrifices herself daily to better her faith  so she may better her family. 


She looks for opportunities to help those around her and is an inspiration to watch every blessed moment I have with her. 10 years with this gorgeous mom, and I keep falling  more in love with her every day.  Nikki is a mom who rocks and I couldn’t imagine our family without her! – Nikki Goodman

When I met Alexis, I knew right away what an amazing mother she would be. She never met a child that didn’t take to her right away. She always looked out for others children and made sure any child that she knew had anything that they needed. There was just something about her that screamed what a great mother she would be. It was almost as if that was what she was put on this earth for, to interact and care for children, and God willing, someday to be an amazing mother of her own children. Fast forward to 2015, Alexis and I decided that it was time to have our own children. This was something that she dreamed of her entire life. Me, not so much, but I didn’t think twice. I knew that I couldn’t find anyone on this earth that was more cut out to be a mother, and how lucky I was that she was going to be the mother of my children. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy for us as it sometime is for others.

Alexis was diagnosed with a medical condition that makes it much harder for her to conceive. What are the chances that someone who is meant to be a mother, would not be able to be? We tried and tried. We followed all of the doctors orders, medication, we did everything “right,” at least we thought we did. We went to the doctor and they said they didn’t know why it wasn’t working, they didn’t know why Alexis hadn’t yet conceived.
The next step was a bunch of very expensive test to determine if there were other issues. We had no idea how we would pay for them, but we had already come this far. We scheduled the test, unsure of how we would make it work. 

That is when God stepped in. This was the first time in my life that I remember actually praying. I prayed so hard to God that he bless us. I prayed that he not let the joy and the happiness that I know children of her own would bring to Alexis be taken away from her. I prayed that he somehow help us through this time. I know Alexis was praying as well. We were so discouraged, and drained with the whole situation, God was our only option. We needed to put it in his hands, so we did. That weekend, the weekend before we were scheduled to go get these tests, God blessed us. Alexis found out she was pregnant, 4 days before we were to go take these test. I didn’t see it at the time, but looking back now, God acted in a huge way for us. All we needed to do was leave it up to him, and he would bless us in only the way that he can.

Fast forward to July of 2016, and we had our first daughter Payton. 10 months later in May of 2016 we had our son Evan, and this past September our 3rd child, our daughter Kolbie. Almost 7 years into Alexis being a mother, and she is the best mother that anyone could ever imagine for their children. I am so happy that she is the mother of my children. She is doing what she was put here to do. Our kids do not realize how lucky they are, and how much their mother truly loves them. I like to try to take the credit for how awesome our children are turning out to be. How caring they are, how sweet they can be, how smart they are, and how much they love their Mom, but it’s obvious that it’s not me. Its ALL Alexis. It comes so natural for her, she doesn’t have to think about it. She just knows it and she knows it well! The relationship that she has with our children is so beautiful, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. We are one blessed family, and it is all because of MOM! – Alexis Gunn 

Alexis and I met through our daughters, Payton and Kya. I have been wanting to find my way back to church for a few years and Alexis showed us Guide Church! She’s so calm, genuine, loving and has raised some very good kids. I believe she has put so many good qualities in them to set them up for success. I want to mother more like Alexis does and she has definitely had a huge impact on me as a mother and it has changed the way I’m raising my kids too. Thank you Alexis! One small act of kindness, inviting us out to church with you, will change an entire family. – Alexis Gunn  

Sarah has always put others needs before her own. As a child, she was always more interested in giving than receiving. when she was four years old, her maternal grandmother was turning 60. Sarah wanted her grandmother to have a Barbie cake. Sarah and I made her one which made both Sarah and her grandmother very happy. Also, at four years old, she told her dad and I that she wanted to go somewhere, and when we ask her where, she said church. We started attending regularly, her, thanks to her guidance.

Last year she told me she wanted to find a church. She was led to “Guide Church” by he Holy Spirit! Sarah, and I were baptized together in January 2023! Guide Chuch is her home! She has expressed many times how happy she is with her decision! She never hesitates to share her experiences with others! She and her husband, Scott, chose the preschool for their son Nolan, and are extremely happy with their decision. And I am proud to call Sarah, my daughter! – Sarah Hall

To my amazing wife,

I really don’t know how you do it…

Every day, you get up with the boys to help start their day, getting everything ready, dropping Bennett off to childcare and then Gabe to school.

I really don’t know how you do it…

After all it takes just to get out the door in the morning, you then head off to work for eight hours to be amazing at your job. And when that work ends, yours doesn’t. You pick up the boys, bring them home and somehow have the energy to play games with them, make dinner, handle bath time and bedtime.

I really don’t know how you do it…

How you have anything left to give after such a long day is a mystery, but you somehow still have the energy to deal with me. And the next day, you get up and do it all over again. 

I don’t know how you do it all so well, make it look so easy, but you are a super mom and we all love you so much.  – Christina Harder

My mom is amazing. She is a faithful woman of integrity and strength, with heart full of love. My mom always has a smile, a kind word and a hug for everyone. As a child, she was my protector, my cheerleader, my gentle teacher. As an adult, she is still all of those things, and my best friend. I thank God for her every day, and for the blessing she is in all of our lives. – Mary Landers

My mom is my best friend and mom, she loves me unconditionally and always supports me. When I told her that I wanted to join a church, she offered to come with me, and we both fell in love with Guide church. I was lucky enough to take my first step in my faith, Baptism, alongside my mom this January. That made our baptism much more memorable. She is also the best Nonna to my son Nolan, she is selfless and always caring. My mom is also a nurse practitioner whom her patients adore, she goes above and beyond for everyone, and I’d like her to be recognized for everything that she does – Robin Marr  

She is patient, caring, and calm. She unconditionally loves and teaches our children daily with no days off and she never complains about it. She is exactly the type of mother I had hoped for to my children. She is smart, organized, and a perfect example of love – Courtnie McFaddin 

No matter what I did she loved me. To this day her number one priority is her children (me and my brother). She was the glue for our family and continues to be so. My first best friend!  She has also turned into the most amazing grandma to our kids! – Julie McFaddin

My wife Chell is a mom who rocks for more reasons than I can count. That said, I’ll try to give a few examples here. She approaches motherhood with selfless attitude. She has joined me in the mission of teaching Jesus to our daughter on a consistent basis. One way is through  a nightly devotionals “for girls” book that’s often accompanied by a worship song at bedtime. She is there for the boo boo’s and boo hoo’s. She wipes tears and  calms fears. She works hard professionally and on the Homefront to help provide our daughter Lyric with great childhood. This is done when she’s feeling well or unwell. She gives it her best and seeks out new ways to approach the calling of motherhood annually. She’s a continuing growing flower which I have the luxury to behold. – Chell Perry

What makes my mom so great is that she cares for us even in her dark times she still loves us and cares  for us and doesn’t stop. My mom has been through a lot being a single mother most of her life but that did not stop her for loving us caring for us and getting us what we need and what we wanted she pushes us to do our best in everything we do helps us with homework even though sometimes she doesn’t know how to do it sometimes and overall is great. She also drives me everywhere for baseball and for sports and always they’re cheering me on. I am so thankful to call her mom I wouldn’t want nobody else that is why my mom rocks.- Lisa Popp

Miriam is a great mother and foster mom. She has raised four children from birth and has been a mom to 8 other children for a season. One foster boy came into our home with a genetic condition, causing multiple strokes and seizures. She ended up spending 17 days and nights in the ICU over the first three months and refused to give up on him. She is self-sacrificing and compassionate, even when exhausted. She has dealt with police, teachers, principals, unstable birth parents, case workers, and medical professionals. She has endured soiled beds, sob stories, loads and loads of laundry, drama and trauma, hours of continuing training, being cussed out, diapers, complex medications, vomit, hidden vapes, other paraphernalia, and more. Miriam handles it all with love and grace and seeks the most redemptive path for each kid’s personal and spiritual formation. – Miriam Pumpelly

She is a source of calm and steadfast love. – Miriam Pumpelly

My mom is great bc she loves me. She takes care of me. and she is cool. – Miriam Pumpelly 

It is hard to put nineteen years’ worth of my mom taking care of me into only a few words but here is my best shot. My mom has done so much for me. From late-night movie watching, teaching my siblings and me simple life skills, helping me try to be an adult, and above all, always being the best Mom even while she is struggling. My Mom powers through daily even with her long-term health issues and the few times my dad has been deployed. I wouldn’t trade my mom for anyone else. Don’t just take my word for it but my siblings as well. The youngest, Jessah describes our mom as kind, brave, helpful, and cool. That she loves her mom so much. The third oldest, Liam said that she is the best at taking care of him when he is sick and there are so many reasons why he loves our mom. The second oldest Aaliyah, thanks our mom for everything she does, and will always be thankful. Even though she can be weird sometimes, she makes her laugh. There are so many more things that make our mom great, but here is what could be put into a few words. – Shyla Riker

A mother.  Someone who supplements, encourages, motivates, inspires, among many other great qualities.   Someone who cares and loves unconditionally, despite the circumstances.  Someone who is passionate about your own feelings.  This gem of a woman has been apart of my life as far back as I can remember.  Shes instilled Godly principles and equipped me with my greatest resource; connection to the Holy spirit.  I am forever grateful.   She held onto pain for me that she knew I could not bear, without saying a word at times she remedied that feeling.  A mother loves without boundaries and leaves no room for pain. PAULINE, THATS HER NAME. I LOVE YOU.!! – Pauline Sears

She has been there for our four children, there are combined 10 children, her nieces and nephews her children’s friends,  coworkers  and at time me her husband. – Pauline Sears 

A mother.  Someone who supplements, encourages, motivates, inspires; among many other great qualities.   Someone who cares and loves unconditionally; despite the circumstances.  Someone who is passionate about your own feelings.  This gem of a woman has been apart of my life as far back as I can  remember.  Shes instilled Godly principles and equipped me with my greatest resource; connection to the Holy spirit.  I am forever grateful.   She held onto pain for me that she knew I could not bare, without saying a word at times she remedied that feeling.  A mother loves without boundaries and leaves no room for pain. PAULINE, THATS HER NAME. I LOVE YOU.!! – Pauline Sears

She raised the woman I married to be the mother she is today! Which is a great one!! She is very loving and caring to me and she is a great mother in law and a great grandmother as well! – Connie Selbert

Where do I begin? 

Chelsea has struggled with pregnancy over the past years and decided 4 years ago to become a foster parent. 


To become a foster parent takes a lot of love and dedication.  I mean u are trusted to care for others children while they may be suffering from things they can’t handle in life. 


Chelsea has become such a great “Mommy” to Nateo and Major. Not only has she been providing them the love and care they longed for, but they have also changed her life as well.  Chelsea has wanted and wants nothing more than to be a a mom to children of her own. Since God has a different path for her when it comes to having her own children, she has decided to pour her heart out to others that need that love more. 


She sometimes doesn’t understand the path but she has put her faith and heart in God and is entrusting him with her future. To be able to care, love and deal with everyday obstacles taking care of other’s children Chelsea is definitely a superhero in disguise. 


Foster Mom’s Rock in so many different ways than what any one of us could imagine. Her foster mom journey started out pretty tragically, but she definitely turned that tragedy into more love than she thought she ever had. Chelsea never expects any applause or “Thank You’s” for giving her heart and love away. So I wanted to make sure and take a moment to recognize this wonderful young lady for being a Mom who rocks?? – Chelsea Seymour

She thinks of everyone, an is so Amazing at remembering  an thinking of everything  everyone  needs above her own needs  an tends to her own two children  with such love an grace that she is a great example  for her kid’s. – Stephanie Neves Schwark 

I’m nominating my mom because she puts up with homeschooling me and when i have a busy schedule umpiring. She makes sure i get to every game on time and isn’t afraid to throw some punches with parents that yell at the umpires. She also will watch any sport with me mainly hockey since I’ve converted her to a hockey fan. She’s done an amazing job raising me and my 2 siblings and is still doing an amazing job. Even when life gets crazy i know she still loves me and i love her just as much. – Wendy Schwaeber

My mom is a great mother because she is very kind and fun to talk to and I love to hang out and she is very funny and makes very funny jokes and what I love the best about my mom is she makes the best food. I love my mom – Tonya Smiley

She is the sunshine in the hearts of all who know her. She has selflessly raise our beautiful children without waver . All the kids friends have always looked up to her . She volunteers without want for herself. She goes put of her way (always) for anyone. She deserves any notion offered to her in effort to keep her heartstrings fresh and ready for the next endeavor.  So I submit to you .if you don’t know what a great mom is then I suggest that you spend a few minutes with THE Tonya Smiley. My vote has and will always be for Ms. Tonya Smiley

My mother has always put me and my siblings first, teaching us right from wrong and how to be good in life. I remember praying every morning, before meals and before bed with my mom when I was younger (and now she does it with my little siblings). My younger brother is 9, and he’s a good boy of faith, knowing the lord because my mom tought him that way. Not only has she adopted and raised me and my siblings, she has younger ones she doing good with too. She works so hard for everything we’ve gotten, and I appreciate her so much. If anyone deserves to win, it’s her – Tonya Smiley

My mom is a great mom because she’s her, she’s the type of  women who always gives when she has almost nothing , she’s the type of person to teach us to be kind and caring and to spread love and positivity even when it is not given to you. She always taught me that you never know what someone is going through and we were not put on his earth to judge others and to pray over the ones you love everyday no matter what, I knew god had a reason to send me to my mom and I’m grateful everyday that I’ve had such a great example to learn from, not only is my mom a great mom but she’s a great person and I thank god for her every chance I get . – Tonya Smiley

She is so great because she gave me a life by adopting me at birth and she gave me an amazing life and I will always be thankful and greatful for her – Tonya Smiley

For 8 years I’ve filled this mom’s who rock “easy out”, and not once has Ben read my message. Guess we’ll see if a can make it 9, lol. My wife is the do it all kinda mom and she rocks it! Not only does she deal with her job as a doctor which would be stressful enough. She also is the most loving mother to our boys.  She’s the one who makes the food of we have an event.  She makes it a point to go to all events that the kids have so she doesn’t miss a thing. She deals with me, and that’s no easy task. There is not enough words to describe what she means to our family, but we would surely be lost without her.  Robbie and Jace just want to say that their mom is a mom who rocks! – Colleen Troll

Do you want to know why my wife rocks? Well grab some popcorn and get comfortable because this might take a while. Growing up i would pray and ask God for a wife to love and a family to care for. He did me one better and gave me my soul mate and the perfect baby girl. For those of you that know my wife, you know that shes been through a lot in her life. From almost dying twice to having to deal with me on a daily basis and she is still, somehow, the most positive, uplifting, and caring person.  You don’t have to guess if she is being genuine because she isnt afraid to tell you how it is. Good or bad. She reminds me every day why she loves me and I won’t ever get tired of that. Shes beautiful, Stylish, loving, authentic, and most of all she loves the Lord.  Of course, i am talking about the one, the only, Angelina Ulrey. (cue standing ovation) – Angelina Ulrey

My wife Melody is a Mom Who Rocks. She is an amazing woman. She always puts our family first. We have 4 beautiful kids. Jordan and Sydney are the 2 kids we have together. And then there are Darnell and Dalin. She is always taking the time to make sure our family has everything we need. She also takes the time to encourage her coworkers to pursue God. She is a mom that has an infectious personality that lights up the room. She is a wonderful wife and mom. And she is definitely a Mom Who Rocks – Melody Young 

When I think about a mom who rocks….all I can think about are the two young men the Lord entrusted to me and their sweet mother they lost a year ago, this May 20th. When we think of a mother who rocks we often think of a mother that is living that we can celebrate and encourage here on earth. My heart weighs heavy that a nomination can’t be presented to Stephanie Dawn Young in the flesh, but that doesn’t mean that she, can’t still be celebrated in spirit! Although I am sure her sons have more words and ways to describe their mother than any other, we can see what type of person she must have been through their lives. When I look at these boys I see LOVE. BIG love. Big hearts for others, compassion, caring and kind. I see beautiful smiles, tender souls and warmth. When I see them I see courage, strength and overcomers. Their resilience and determination to remain positive and trusting their Heavenly Father through it all is a testament to their character and who she raised them to be. I can’t think about a mom who rocks without acknowledging the mother that created and loved these amazing two boys into the men they are today. Darnell and Dalin…I hope this letter fills your hearts with gladness and in honoring your mother, remind you she will always be a mom who rocks and never forgotten! She is with you always and forever – Stephanie Dawn Young

I have five Mothers in my life that are ALL worthy of recognition.

MaryLou McFaddin, my Mom, loving, nurturing, and my best friend RIP 1994.

Pat Popps, mother-in-law, treated me as her own son RIP 2007.

My daughter in laws, Courtnie and Sarah, loving mothers, wives and daughters.

Finally.. Julie McFaddin, nurtured and raised our “sons of thunder” … and me … which wasn’t easy. She did it with GREAT love, kindness and she always walked the talk of a Proverbs 31 Woman.


I thank and cherish the starting five ladies Mothers in my life. And I thank God Almighty for blessing me more than I deserve with such love. – The mothers in my life

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