Operation Christmas Child
Shoebox Packing Party
November 11, 2023

Bring the family and a filled shoebox or items to gift  and join us on SERVING SATURDAY, November 11th – 1 PM at North Campus – as we bless children across the world with a Christmas gift and the Word. If you haven’t picked up a shoebox to fill, no worries! We ask that you select items from the approved list below to bring with you to the Packing Party. We will take loose items and create full shoeboxes from your gifts. Please, do not wrap them. 

These gifts are given to Boys and Girls aged 2-14. We’re hoping to receive items for all ages to ensure we are able to gift to as many children as possible.

Approved Items to Bring

  • School Supplies (pens, pencils, markers, stickers, index cards, solar calculator, glue stick)
  • Personal Hygiene Items (comb, stick deodorant, small brush, toothbrush, bar soap, washcloth)
  • Crafts and Activities (small puzzle, binoculars, fishing kit, compass, jump rope, play dough, dry watercolor set, flashlight, chalk)
  • Toys (small doll, stuffed animal, inflatable ball, yoyo, kaleidoscope, magnets, finger puppets, slinky)
  • Clothing and Accessories (hats, hair clips, sunglasses, bracelets, flip flops, socks, small handbag)

Please Do NOT Bring: 

  • Any Liquids
  • Any Food (including candy)
  • Toothpaste
  • Large Toys 
  • War/Combat Themed Toys (including camoflauge colored items)
For more recommendations, visit Operation Christmas Child’s website HERE

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